About Us



Redemption International for the Blind was founded By Barr. Sunny Ezurike in 2009 while in the United Kingdom for his Masters Degree programme in Human Rights. We are a charity originally registered in Scotland with charity No: SC040825. We are also originally registered in the United Kingdom as a company limited by guarantee with company No: SC364261, with the main objectives of the advancement of education, the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage. Now a registered Portuguese charity with NIF number 515204056, also with similar objectives.
Redemption International for the Blind, a Christian, charitable and non profit-making organization, is charged with the responsibility of giving hope to the Blind and putting smiles on their faces!
These blind persons are generally vulnerable and particularly disadvantaged in the society, with help coming virtually from no one in most cases. Their situations are oftentimes most pathetic and at such, require great impetus if positive and remarkable impacts are to be effected.

Education for the Blind anywhere in the world, particularly in the third World Countries, for instance, Nigeria, supposedly the giant of Africa, is indeed a true nightmare. It is oftentimes a herculean task appearing almost seemingly impossible to accomplish. In fact in most cases, success in blind education in Nigeria is entirely dependent on the individual. You are simply on your own!

Our founder could be one of the more fortunate Blind folks from Nigeria, having attended King’s College, Lagos which received the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was there that he learnt how to use the Perkins Brailler. Yet, until he finished from King’s College, Lagos, he had no single relevant study material in Braille. He either begged people to record his notes for him or he did the Brailling himself. It was truly too horrible an experience to remember. His tertiary education was even more excruciating. From his year one to his final year in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, he never had one law textbook in Braille. He was forced to rely only on handouts which he again either Brailled himself or begged people to do the recording for him; yet, he had to sit for, and write same examinations with his sighted colleagues notwithstanding the obvious advantages they had over him. The Nigeria Law School was not different either. Again, he had to rely only on handouts which he Brailled himself with no single law textbook in Braille. And of course, as expected, he sat for and wrote same bar finals under such extremely harsh and unfriendly conditions with his sighted colleagues.

In 2008, he went to the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom where he did his LLM in Human Rights. To his greatest amazement, he discovered an entirely new world where every facility needed to facilitate his education was readily available. What seemed impracticable and impossible in Nigeria became practicable and possible in Aberdeen; hence the birth of Redemption International for the Blind to help reduce to the barest minimum the excruciating experiences undergone by the blind and the visually impaired as they strive to acquire education.

Indeed, Sunny does not wish any blind child anywhere in the world such bitter experience as he encountered while on his way to greatness.
Our major task therefore is to reduce published books that are most relevant to our beneficiaries in their fields of study into accessible formats, including braille, digital and audio, in pursuit of the realization of the objectives of the Marrakesh Treaty, a legally binding international treaty, which fortunately has granted copyright exceptions to the blind and the visually impaired to all published books.
With only 5% of all published books available to the blind and the visually impaired living in the developed world, and less than 1% of published books available to the blind and the visually impaired living in the developing world, there is so much work to be done!