Our Objectives

Redemption International for the Blind operates both within and outside Portugal, including Africa and Asia. The following objects broadly represent our objectives as an international, non profit-making charitable organisation:
1. Promote social, educational, cultural and recreational activities and initiatives that can enhance the dignity, independent living and general well-being of the blind and visually impaired through the provision of equipment and facilities, scholarships, braille transcription of materials relevant to their study, computer literacy, acquisition of skills, mobility training, etc.
2. Empower people who are blind and visually impaired economically through entrepreneurship so that they can become autonomous and self-sustaining.
3. To develop services and activities aimed at the full promotion of blind and visually impaired people, the family and the community, encouraging their active participation, encouraging volunteering and giving priority to networking with local, national and / or international partners.
4. Promote effective political representation of the blind and the visually impaired in a participatory democracy.
5. Organize the surgical operation of the eye for the indigent and provide medical goggles for those with corrective ocular deficiency.
6. Promote annually a celebration, especially during the Christmas season, for all blind and disabled persons residing in our areas of jurisdiction, in order to encourage socialization and promote cultural integration
7. Create a recreational facility within our areas of jurisdiction where blind and visually impaired people can congregate in the community and relax to help relieve them from depression and loneliness; Someone to talk to; music; films described in audio; refreshments and snacks are just a few things that will be readily and freely available.
8. Important journals and articles circulating within our areas of jurisdiction will be published online on our website for access to blind or visually impaired persons or may be distributed free of charge on CDs to those who sign up
9. Participate in the classification of business services and important milestones for accessibility to the blind and visually impaired.
10. Provide advisory services to companies and institutions employing blind and visually impaired persons with regard to technological adaptations.
11. Provide equipment and facilities to companies and institutions upon request.
12. Promote sports activities between the blind and visually impaired.
13. Promote reading competition in Braille between blind and visually impaired people so it does not go extinguished.
14. Provide help to blind and visually impaired people in situations of war.
15. Advocate and speak for blind and visually impaired people in all matters pertaining to their welfare.
16. Engage in other services that may be necessary for the promotion or maintenance of our charitable objects.
17. In order to achieve these objectives, the Association may in particular:
(a) develop Community intervention projects for the blind and visually impaired;
b) Sensitize the community for social causes and create conditions for its development;
(c) promote the development of socio-cultural projects for children, youth, adults and the elderly, in particular for the blind and visually impaired;
(d) establish a shelter and family center for at-risk children and young people and / or families in need and for the blind and visually impaired;
e) Create leisure time programs for blind and visually impaired people;
(f) carry out awareness-raising activities in the areas of environment, health, safety, citizenship, and others regarded as the interests of the target public;
h) To create artistic expression, workshops and seminars for the blind and visually impaired, covering various cultural areas, as well as promoting any manifestations that encourage personal fulfillment and creativity;
i) To raise funds and donations with people and institutions that wish to contribute to the objectives of the Association, and manage the funds thus obtained;
j) To support the formation of agents of social action, on a voluntary basis for blind and visually impaired persons;
(k) Create a volunteer fellowship to serve as a meeting point between the demand for and supply of voluntary work for blind and visually impaired people and to allow a dynamic approach to articulate the need for voluntary work by area with availability for the provided by natural persons and entities;
l) Create a resource bank of basic necessities in response to social support for needy families and blind and visually impaired people;
m) Create a bank of donated, non-food goods to meet the needs of charities and / or needy families and blind and visually impaired people;
n) Create an Equipment bank to recover electrical and electronic equipment donated by companies or individuals that can be used, thus giving them a “new life”;
o) Provide services to third parties, remunerated or not, provided they do not exceed the scope establishing the objectives of the Association.