Redemption International for the Blind is an international, non profit-making charitable organisation set up to advance the education and the general well-being of the blind.
In 2018, we were granted a charitable status in Portugal, NIF: 515204056,
Redemption International for the Blind was founded By Barr. Sunny Ezurike. He is a lawyer and also holds a Master of Laws Degree (LLM) in Human Rights from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Currently, a PhD doctoral student in Faculdade de Direito, Nova Universidade, Lisboa, Portugal.
Redemption International for the Blind was born out of the genuine desire to give blind persons better hope and opportunity to make it in life. It was founded as a result of the bitter and painful experiences undergone by its founder Sunny Ezurike, who had to endure and get through the various stages of academic training in Nigeria without a single textbook in Braille and had to sit and write the same examinations with his sighted colleagues. Against all odds Sunny Ezurike is one of a tiny minority of success stories. However he has not forgotten the frustration, the emotional pain, the heartache and incredible battles he had to overcome.
Sunny does not wish any blind child anywhere in the world to undergo this same experience. Subsequently he has founded Redemption International for the Blind to correct this imbalance, redress the injustice, raise societal consciousness towards the plight of this disadvantaged group of people and make a genuine and concerted effort at remedying the situation in every way possible.